The Chase Home Garden

The Chase Home is host to 6,000 square feet of perennial and native planting beds, trees, and shrubs.  Little is known about the history or design of the garden before 1976.  The purpose of the garden is to create a place where beauty and sustainability complement the natural world.  Today, the Chase Home continues to create "a taste of Maryland" in the garden.  The garden features native plants and modern stewardship.  In 2014, the property was certified as a Maryland Bay-Wise Landscape, and efforts continue to reduce the Home's energy footprint by improving waste management and recycling practices, water conservation, and energy efficiency.  To learn more about the Bay-Wise program, please visit

Chase Home Garden Friends (CHGF)

The CHGF is a welcoming group of friends and neighbors of the Chase Home gardens at the historic Chase Lloyd House.  We are a group of like-minded individuals who share a passion for gardens and gardening and are dedicated to supporting the Chase Home mission.  Friends attend a series of activities throughout the year, including lectures, social functions, and visits to notable Bay-wise gardens. We rely on the friends to assist the gardener with garden needs, volunteering with special garden projects throughout the year.  

Chase Home Master Gardener and Horticulturalist Kim Forry tends to the lovely Chase Bay Wise gardens daily and is supported by numerous volunteers and local Garden Club members.  

Kim has been the lead gardener at the Chase-Lloyd House since 2012.  Kim is a certified Master Gardner and Certified Professional Horticulturist.  She is a member of the Maryland Nursery, Landscape and Greenhouse Association, Crofton Greenery Garden Club and the Annapolis Horticulture Society.


Kim grew up helping her family grow and preserve food on her Uncle's farm in Pennsylvania. Kim recalls, “Many a day spent on the front porch "stringing" beans and pulling fresh carrots and potatoes out of the garden, not to mention sweet corn and fresh tomatoes. Flowers were always grown by the women of my family as an aside to adorn the food garden. On various occasions my dad would teach us how to identify plants and their uses--Sassafras root for tea, Hickory Nut trees for nuts, and Teaberry Plant for cleaning one’s teeth.”  

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