The Chase Home Gardens

Pineapple Sage is waving its graceful red blossoms as the bees gather their last nectar of the season.


We are gathering the last of the cherry tomatoes and green beans as the Swiss Chard is loving the cooler nights. The end of the month is closing in with our frost date Halloween weekend.


The Thai Basil continues to bloom, as well as Lavender, American Pennyroyal and Oregano. Speaking of Oregano, this was my first year to grow Cuban Oregano, and it gives quite a show with its white and green large leaves sprawling on the garden floor.


The bright colors of Zinnias and Marigolds planted in July are welcome this time of year, as well as the continual bloomers, "Hot Lips" Salvia and Four O'Clocks. As I look over the garden, my mind wanders to the plans for how

next year's garden will be planted. I'm off to jot some ideas down before I forget.


 Kim, Chase Lloyd Home Gardener

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